What is Salvo.ng?

What is Salvo.ng?

Salvo.ng is a Savings Platform (Application & Website) that helps you save money smartly while earning returns on your savings.

We understand how tempting it could be to spend money, so we developed Salvo.ng to help you curb excess spending in an easy way.

Salvo.ng allows you to save for your targets and goals from as little as 100 Naira using our customizable savings options (a link should be imputed to take the user to the explanation of reach a goal and savings culture and any other underlined word).

Salvo.ng users can earn lucrative interest payment on savings of between 10 - 15%PA

Salvo.ng is powered by Xslnce Micofinance Bank (CBN, NDIC insured).  

Our mission is to position Salvo.ng as the preferred online mobile application for taking care of daily financial needs, while providing a secure and trusted money saving and investment partner for the clients’ medium to long-term financial goals.

How do I start saving with Salvo.ng?

Visit www.salvo.ng or Download Salvo.ng app from Apple Store or Google Playstore to create an account in less than 5 minutes.

Click here to download from Apple Store

Click here to download from Google Playstore

Who is Eligible?

Anyone from 18years and above

Salvo Account

I can’t remember the User ID for my account?

Your user ID will be the same as your registered email address

I can’t remember the Password for my account?

Please select the ‘Forgotten your password?’ link, you'll then be asked to enter your 'User ID' and you will receive a reset password email. Click/follow the link in the email to reset password. For further help please contact us

I have not received the reset password email?

Please Contact Us

How do I check my transaction history?

Click on “Transactions” in the side menu to see all transactions.

Salvo Savings

Savings Culture

Salvo.ng helps you develop a savings culture by learning to save a percentage of your earnings/funds daily, weekly or monthly over a period of time while earning return on savings

Reach a Goal

Set a target Amount for yourself, decide on the Tenure and Frequency, the savings calculator automatically calculates the instalment payments required to meet your target and estimated total interest at the end of your set tenure/ achievement of your set Goal.

Can I run multiple plans at the same time?

Yes, you can create multiple savings plans & targets.

Can I check my total savings?

Yes, Click on Dashboard to see your total savings and all your running savings plan.


What are the available payment options?

You can fund your account/savings plan/eWallet using the direct debit option, bank transfer or deposit using a MasterCard, Visa or Verve from any bank in Nigeria. 

Can I fund my savings plan from my eWallet?

Yes. You can keep funds you are not sure about committing to a savings plan in your eWallet

Will I receive interest on the funds in my eWallet?

No, only funds committed to a savings plan will earn interests.

Can I withdraw funds from my eWallet?

Yes, you can withdraw from your eWallet by transferring to your receiving account details provided upon setting up your account

Is Withdrawal Free?

Withdrawal from your Salvo eWallet is FREE.

Early Termination fee

Salvo encourages discipline and good savings habit to grow your wealth and achieve financial freedom with a 3% early termination fee when you cancel your savings plan before completion of your chosen tenure.

Interest and Charges

No Hidden Charges!

NO deposit fees, NO text message or alert fees, NO account maintenance fees.

Returns on Savings / Interest

Salvo users can earn interests of between 10% - 15% depending on the savings plan.

Can I cancel my savings plan before maturity?

Yes, you can cancel your savings plan(s) at anytime.

What does Salvo.ng do with the saved funds?

All saved funds are warehoused with and managed by Blue bird Capital, a leading asset management company in Nigeria, registered and licensed by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) which is extremely safe and guaranteed. A portion of the proceeds is then passed on to users as interests on their savings.