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Salvo is your guide to financial security.
We'll help you invest, save and spend responsibly.

Set aside a portion of your finances to invest on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.


Little drops form the ocean. How ever big your goals are, start saving now!


More money, more time, more interest, simple

Easy Steps

The journey to your financial goals begins with a click! To get started register with a valid email and phone number

Be the captain of your money ship Save towards a goal or put aside a specific recurrent contribution flexible enough to suit your finances

Now really get the ball rolling make your first deposit to start your savings plan

Sit back and watch your money do all the work active feed of interest accrued and full transparency in generated reports

Get setup in minutes
Choose to save towards a target
Or develop the habit of keeping money aside
Watch your money grow
Withdraw your money from your wallet
It is really that simple!


Love this app!! It does all the work for you and NOW even has investing for people with just a bit to invest.
Funmi Ifedolapo
November 28 2019
I love using this app because it allows my boyfriend and I to save for things that are most important! We have two savings together and I have one for myself and because of the rules I have set up for each goal
Safinatu Akhigbe
May 22 2019
5 star startup guiding Nigerians towards financial freedom. Great idea, outstanding implementation and exceptional customer journey.
Adediran Izuzu
September 26 2019